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The principles of biodynamic agriculture are based on the production of quality food for human nutrition, respecting at all times the natural ecosystem where the crops are based and all the living things that inhabit the place.


In order to comply with these principles, biodynamic farmers must not only assume this philosophy as part of their work, but also perform some actions such as the burial of cow horns stuffed with animal dung. Biodynamic farmers feel the land differently than the conventional farmer. For them the land is alive and, to keep it alive, fertile and healthy, we must feed it.


In order to carry out this activity, which goes back to the ceremonies of the first humans who cultivated the Earth, Freshvana partners meet in a Sucina (Murcia) farm each year to comply with one of the precepts of biodynamic agriculture.


More than five hundred kilograms of dung is introduced into 2,000 cow horns, which have been buried and allowed to ferment throughout the winter until May, accumulating the properties and energy of the Earth.


The horns with the mica will be unearthed in the month of April. This fertilizer, known as preparation 500, will be stored in large boxes of wood isolated with peat that allows to maintain the properties that have been extracted from the Earth.


Subsequently the preparation 500 is energized, at the rate of 300 grams per hectare mixed with 50 liters of water. With this water the ground is pulverized, allowing the energy and properties accumulated in the preparation to be distributed throughout the earth.


Far from being an incantation for the crops to leave healthy and with quality, it is proven that this 500 has a positive effect on soil fertility, since it is a potent builder of soil structure, favors microbial activity and formation of humus (increase of the capacity of retention of humidity), regulates the pH of the soil and stimulates the germination of seeds and development of the roots.


These practices, established by Rudolf Steiner more than a century ago, are based on the principle that the farmer must primarily care about nourishing soil life, which is the main task of nurturing plant life. And it is from this revitalization of the lands to be a living terrain that allows to obtain fruits and vegetables balanced.


The practice of biodynamic agriculture and the use of these preparations allows the shelf life of the plants to be prolonged during storage, reduces levels of nitrates and increases the content of vitamins and sugars in the plant.


In addition to the preparation of boñiga, the farmers also bury in their plots the preparation of silica, or preparation 501, which is obtained from ground quartz and also buried in cow horn, but buried from May to September. This preparation is aimed at plants fundamentally and provides a greater balance in growth and maturation, as well as greater resistance to pests and diseases.


To that end, they use biodynamic preparations: natural and physiologically active compounds, made with plant substances, animals and, in some cases, minerals. These preparations help to prevent pests and make crops stronger.


About us


Freshvana ( is committed to respect for the environment and sustainable development. Freshvana is a brand of Camposeven, a company at the forefront of the production, preparation and commercialization of horticultural products to obtain organic and biodynamic fruits and vegetables with their original flavor, authentic texture and true aroma.


Camposeven is an Agrarian Society of Transfiguration, located in San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia), created in 2007 and composed of 10 partners with an agricultural experience of more than 40 years. Camposeven is an avant-garde company that bets on innovation in the hands of leading groups of agri-food research at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and has a range of more than 35 organic and biodynamic products that are characterized by quality, flavor and reliability.