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Ten years producing quality green fruits and vegetables under the Camposeven brand. Ten years in which it has been bet by being an avant-garde company and pioneer in the techniques of production and manipulation of the fruits and vegetables that are commercialized.


Adolfo García Albaladejo is the general director of Camposeven, an Agrarian Transformation Society that has eight partners with an experience of forty years in the agricultural sector and that has 823 hectares of crops, 61 of them greenhouses.


The commitment of Camposeven for organic farming gave rise to Freshvana, the brand that sells and sell in an online store organic fruits and vegetables that consume hundreds of families throughout Spain.


What distinguishes Camposeven from other horticultural production companies?


Camposeven is distinguished from other horticultural companies in innovation, product diversification and service. The farmers of Camposeven have opted from the beginning for being an innovative company and having a very wide range of products.


What is the main value of Camplaceven's eco-friendly products?


The main value of Camposeven's eco-products is that they are produced by Camposeven's own partners, that is, we do not make any purchases from third parties and that allows us to be sure of the reliability of what we produce. It is a very healthy product and even the taste is different from not taking any chemical treatment.


Why would you recommend taking a pepper or tomato grown in Camposeven?


I would recommend a Camposeven product for three fundamental reasons: the quality, the taste and the reliability of the product.


What is biodynamic agriculture based on and what are its main characteristics?


As part of Camposeven's commitment to innovation, the most important has been the cultivation in biodynamic agriculture, which consists of the balance between land, plants, animals and people. This is called Farm Organism.


Which are the main countries that use Camposeven products and on what basis do their consumers rely as demanding as the Germans to buy their products?


The main countries where Camposeven exports are Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Nordic countries ... we are practically exporting all over Europe.


The trust of our customers is based on the quality of our products, covered in the certifications to be able to market in the different countries of the EU and that the products are of the farmers of Camposeven.


Camposeven is a pioneer in reaching agreements with the leading agrarian research groups in Spain, what are the results of this continuous commitment to research and innovation?


Camposeven opted from the outset for research, innovation, and the development of new technologies within agriculture, in fact, since 2007, we have agreements with the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Catholic University of Murcia.


As a result of our agreements with the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Camposeven partners are part of a research company called Plant Response Biotech.


Among its many activities, it emphasizes the study on the development of plants with less water consumption and the resistance of plants to a high degree of salinity in the water.


Camposeven is based in San Pedro del Pinatar, although its cultivation extends to some nearby municipalities, what influence does it have on the local economy? How many jobs does Camposeven's activity generate?


As well known, 2007 (when Camposeven was founded), the economic situation in Spain was very delicate. Camposeven, has succeeded in generating about 250 direct jobs at certain times of the year in San Pedro del Pinatar, in addition to 20 permanent jobs and approximately 600 indirect jobs on the farms of the partners.


So I think the impact here, in the area, has been very positive from the point of view of employment and the economy.


Recently they have launched a pioneering initiative in restoration so that ecological products are implanted in restaurants, what is Freshvana salad?


The idea is that in the national market is gradually implementing the consumption of organic and biodynamic product.


One of the initiatives we have had with our brand Freshvana, which is dedicated to the online sale of organic product, is to take our products to the restoration.


The chefs of each restaurant, according to their initiatives, prepare a salad with our products so that, when people try the restaurant our products, know that it is an ecological product and our brand, so you can buy it directly if it is Of the zone or in our page


The aim of Camposeven and Freshvana is to improve the health of people