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Fruit Attraction is the International Fair of the Fruit and Vegetable Sector, an event that brings together in Madrid more than 1,500 companies and seventy thousand professionals from around the world and that is celebrated from October 23 to 25.


Camposeven will have this year a stand with a motto that is a statement of principles of what our goal is: "We help you eat healthy". At Camposeven we are convinced that consuming our fruits and vegetables is synonymous with healthy.


In Fruit Attraction we will be in stand 6 in our own space, together with the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Murcia, a collective of which we are a part.


Fruit Attraction celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. The Fair that takes place in the fairground of Ifema in Madrid is a great showcase that has several meeting forums and technical conferences in which the latest trends and developments are presented.


At Camposeven, we are pioneers in organic and biodynamic agriculture in Spain, a sector that is booming all over the world and which in Spain is registering great growth in recent years.


Our commitment to organic and biodynamic agriculture is a commitment to our customers and consumers of our products and the Environment and our environment. Because all of us who are part of Camposeven believe in what we do and we believe that agriculture that respects nature is responsible agriculture.


Our farmers do not use pesticides or aggressive products with the Environment, because they are convinced that this is how we achieve the results we have set as our main objective: that the fruit and vegetables you eat be healthy.