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The method of biodynamic agriculture is considered as the first method of European organic farming and is based on the principles of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner.


Biodynamic agriculture uses natural resources responsibly, without using chemical substances such as fertilizers, pesticides or transgenics. In addition, this type of agriculture includes a spiritual dimension in the relationship between Man and the Earth.


The orchard or the farm are living and self-sufficient organisms, made up of all the animals and plants that live in it. Each of them connects with others through the Cosmos, receiving the influence of natural forces such as the moon, the sun, the cycles of the day or the seasons.


In this way crops are optimized and stronger and vital plants are obtained. The time for planting, harvesting or crop rotation is also better determined.


Biodynamic farmers feel the land in a different way from the conventional farmer. For them the land is alive and, to keep it alive, fertile and healthy, we must feed it. To that end, they use biodynamic preparations: natural and physiologically active compounds, made with plant substances, animals and, in some cases, minerals. These preparations help to prevent pests and make crops stronger.


Biodynamic preparations can be of two types: Compost preparations or field preparations. The compost preparations are added to the compost to improve their properties and the field preparations are sprayed on the soil and crops. The homeopathic effects of spray preparations stimulate soil fertility, maturation and plant nutrition.


The farmers of Camposeven have been cultivating in a sustainable way for more than 40 years. For this reason, the biggest commitment to innovation in Camposeven has been to cultivate in biodynamic agriculture.


Our challenge is to become a company at the forefront of the production, preparation and marketing of this type of fruit and vegetable products to obtain fruits and vegetables with their original flavor, authentic texture and true aroma.


Today, Camposeven has a range of more than 35 organic products and, since 2013, can be purchased online through its own organic fruit and vegetable store: If you discover our products, you will know what is quality fruit and vegetables, grown with an exquisite treat.