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Fundación Ingenio, in collaboration with the Gesplan Research Group of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, participated in a conference to improve relations between the business world and the university community as an engine for economic development sustainable. Specifically, the conference analyzed how responsible investments can be made in the agrifood systems of Latin American countries that contribute to improving economic conditions without affecting the environment.


The director general of Camposeven, Adolfo García Albaladejo, was in charge of exposing as success case the experience of this Agrarian Transformation Society located in San Pedro del Pinatar, which has bet since its beginnings by the innovation and that applies the criteria of sustainability which is recommended by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).


These criteria are summarized in ten principles which, among other things, promote poverty eradication and the promotion of gender equality and youth access to employment as key aspects of investment in agriculture and food systems. It also demands respect for cultural heritage and traditional values ​​and the promotion of safe and healthy agricultural systems.


Adolfo García Albaladejo explained in the days held in Ecuador how Camposeven has opted for ecological and biodynamic agriculture, which has as a flag the fulfillment of these premises.


The workshop brought together entrepreneurs, farmers' cooperatives, researchers and academics from various countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador and Spain.


Also present at the conference was the director of the Gesplan Group of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Adolfo Cazorla, who explained how the research carried out at universities can contribute to improving business activities from the application of the principles of sustainability recommended by FAO .


The Fundación Ingenio aims to stimulate business initiatives from all walks of life among young people with innovative and creative ideas. Its actions are directed to discover talented ideas and knowledge that improve the economic and social environment of the Region of Murcia, with special attention to the agricultural world.


Among its goals, the promotion of initiatives that contribute to the labor market of people with disabilities such as the disabled, the long-term unemployed, battered women, immigrants and refugees, young people and those over 45 years of age are also encouraged.


Fundación Ingenio is formed by Camposeven, Interempleo, Jera Avanza, Los Ritas de Pilar, Biocampo, Transportes Caliche Group and Villademar Residence.