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Farmers of Camposeven have unearthed the more than three thousand cow horns stuffed with cow dung with which the preparation 500 is made in biodynamic agriculture. This manure was buried in the month of October at the farm of La Peraleja in Sucina (Murcia). During these months it has been fermenting and accumulating the properties and energy of the Earth.

The preparation 500, among other things, favors microbial activity and humus formation and stimulates seed germination and root development.

Camposeven was one of the first agricultural companies in Spain to bet on biodynamic agriculture. This agriculture shares with the ecological respect for the environment and the biodiversity of the environment and none of them uses chemical fertilizers. What distinguishes them is that in biodynamics these natural and physiologically active compounds are used as fertilizer, made with vegetable substances, animals and, in some cases, minerals, known as preparations. These biodynamic preparations make it possible to prevent pests and make crops stronger.

The preparation 500 will be preserved in large boxes of wood isolated with peat that allows to maintain the properties that have been extracted from the Earth.

Subsequently, the preparation 500 is dynamised, at a rate of 300 grams per hectare mixed with 50 liters of water. With this water the ground is pulverized, allowing the energy and properties accumulated in the preparation to be distributed throughout the earth.

The principles of biodynamic agriculture are based on the production of quality food for human nutrition, respecting at all times the natural ecosystem where the crops are located and all the living beings that inhabit the place. Biodynamic farmers feel the land in a different way than the conventional farmer. For them the earth is alive and, to keep it alive, fertile and healthy, it is necessary to feed it.

The practice of biodynamic agriculture and the use of these preparations allows to extend the useful life of vegetables during storage, reduces nitrate levels and increases the vitamin and sugar content of the plant.