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Organic farming is a way of cultivating and caring for the land that is based on respect for the environment. But to guarantee consumers that organic farming is ecological, there is a regulation that regulates it and that requires having a series of certificates and ecological stamps that must appear on the labeling of the products.

At Camposeven we have the most prestigious national and international ecological production certifications: IFS, BRC, European Organic Farming Accreditation, CAERM, BIOSUISSE.

An ecological seal guarantees that:

The production respects Nature.

The products are produced in a sustainable way.

Annual control by the authorities.

GMOs are not allowed.

For food, there are strict limitations to the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and antibiotics.

No preservatives, dyes or chemical additives are used in its preparation.

Organic production is regulated by Regulation (EC) 834/200755 and by Regulation (EC) 889/200856.