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Broccoli is a superfood (or superverdura ) you can not miss on your table because we provide a number of vitamins and nutrients. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps maintain a healthy immune system , so if we incorporate into our diet broccoli will add a new weapon against cancer and a new avenue for the prevention and care of our health. A must for a healthy diet.


- Is antioxidant. Packed with vitamin A, beta -carotene , niacin , vitamin B1 , B2 , B6 , E , folic acid and vitamin C. What helps to keep skin young and a good view.


- A Natural cleanser . Very rich in fiber helps intestinal transit .


- Very filling. Highly recommended for low-calorie diets since it has few calories and provides a large proportion of vitamins and nutrients. It is very satisfying for its high fiber content.


- Helps prevent cancer. He attributed a protective effect against lung cancer , prostate, breast , endometrium , uterus and related tumors gastrointestinal tract . According to the National Cancer Institute of broccoli consumption is a large effect due to large amounts of antioxidants , it boosts enzymes that detoxify the body. Sulforaphane is a powerful agent for cancer found in broccoli . Researchers at the University of Illinois have shown that "three to five servings a week of broccoli is enough to have a preventive effect against cancer."