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Farmers of Murcia, Almeria and Alicante have called for a demonstration in defense of the Huerta Levantina on March 7 in Madrid. The objective of the Círculo por el Agua is to demand that all the actions necessary to guarantee the viability of crops in the Levant be implemented.


Camposeven supports all the requests of the Círculo del Agua and for this purpose it will make available to its staff several buses so that farmers, employees and relatives can join the demonstration.


The Water Circle calls on the Government to urgently approve all viable and environmentally sustainable solutions that were presented to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment. Among these urgent actions, it is important to ensure the future of the Tajo Segura Aqueduct as a basic pillar of the future of a sector that represents a quarter of the economy of the Levant.


The demonstration on March 7 in Madrid will depart from the Puerta de Alcalá at 12 noon with the slogan `In the Levant, without water, desert and unemployment. Let's defend the Garden of Europe! ' In addition, a stand will be installed in the Plaza de Callao throughout the day in which citizens will be informed of the claims of the Círculo del Agua and fruit will be distributed.


As urgent measures, the Government is required to:


1. Approve a relief irrigation.


2. Encourage the transfer of inter-basin rights.


3. Start all possible drought wells and in particular authorize those in the Campo de Cartagena.


4. Put to maximum production and expand all desalination to its maximum capacity.


5. Declare emergency work the construction of the network of collectors, treatment plant and emissary, for the conduction and evacuation of the rejection of the particular developers.


6 Declare emergency work the expansion of the Mojon de-builder and its network of collectors.


7. Eliminate the TASAZO from the Transfer. The rate must be applied to the volume supplied. There is no need to pay for water that is not supplied.