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The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment has set up an interministerial commission to study the incorporation of ecological criteria in public contracts that supply food products for example to school canteens, hospitals and public centers.

A historical demand of the organic fruit and vegetable production sector to which Camposeven joins. As pointed out by Anabel Pascual, from Efeagro, "similar experiences in other countries have meant" a boost "to organic foods and, consequently, an environmental improvement".

Although it is still to be seen what are the decisions that this commission will adopt, several representatives of the sector have expressed their confidence in favoring the consumption of organic products, which would have a clear benefit to the production and to the companies that like Camposeven are betting for years for a healthier agriculture with people and more respectful with the environment.

The draft of the Strategy for the ecological production 2017-2020 includes, as one of its lines of action, promote the presence of the ecological product in the collective catering of the General State Administration (AGE) and in the public purchase of food.

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