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At Camposeven we want you to know us better. That is why in recent months we have been working on the edition of a video that we present today and with which you will discover how our company is inside. Our facilities, our plantations and greenhouses, and some secrets of biodynamic agriculture such as the burial of horns that allows us to have an ideal fertilizer for our crops.

We invite you to watch the video in this link: Camposeven Ecological Agriculture

Camposeven is an avant-garde company in the production and marketing of high quality fruit and vegetable products.

Our fruits and vegetables are organic because we are committed to producing foods of exceptional nutritional quality. We maintain the diversity of the agrarian system and its environment, working in a sustainable way with the ecosystems and using renewable resources.

At Camposeven we grow a wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables in more than eight hundred hectares. Different varieties of lettuce, peppers of a unique quality and flavor, oranges and lemons, onions, broccoli or carrots, watermelons and melons, nectarine, paraguayos, peach or pomegranates. In addition, we are working to expand our range of products to the almond. An example of the more than thirty products that leave our facilities with the guarantee of the most demanding ecological certifications in the European market.

That is why we export our production to all of Europe, especially to the demanding markets of Germany, Switzerland or France.

At Camposeven we firmly believe in innovation and constant research. We work hand in hand with university research groups so that our products have the best taste and the highest quality.

Our commitment to produce healthy food has led us to take another step in ecological culture, embracing the principles of biodynamic agriculture. We use the natural resources that the Earth gives us in a responsible way, without using chemical substances such as fertilizers, pesticides or transgenics. Because we believe in the relationship between Man and Earth.

The Camposeven group has several brands. From Freshvana, our line of online sales of organic and biodynamic products, to Biocampo, Degusta Nature and Hortavita.

Our daily challenge is to get fruits and vegetables with their original flavor, an authentic texture and a true aroma.