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Camposeven farmers are finalizing preparations to start the pepper collection campaign. And we wanted you to know the Zapata family. To his patriarch Antonio Zapata Ortuño, a farmer who has been able to transmit his passion for the field and the cultivation of fruits and vegetables to his two daughters, Isabel (next to him in the picture) and Pilar, and their husbands David and Fran. An example of how a large company like Camposeven has partners who know that passion and full dedication to what they do is essential to produce healthy foods.

For this reason, Camposeven peppers follow the principles of biodynamic agriculture, which respects at all times the natural ecosystem where crops are grown and all the living beings that inhabit the place. For the Zapata family, the earth is alive and, to keep it alive, fertile and healthy, it must be nourished.

We remind you that all the peppers grown in Camposeven in their different varieties are exquisite and very healthy.

The greens are the first to be harvested and have a slightly more bitter taste. It has a high content of vitamin A and C and many antioxidants. Yellows are good for the eyes and the osseous system. And the reds are the sweetest of all and the most nutritious. They are the most beneficial for the heart and blood pressure.

So you already know it. Any of them are healthy and very rich in any dish.