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The cucumber snack is fashionable. Also known as mini cucumber or mini cucumber is ideal to consume at any time of day, since you can eat without having to peel it.


Juan Miguel is one of the best Biocampo experts in the production of greenhouse crops. In recent weeks he has been very aware of the plantations that Biocampo has as a snack cucumber, since with the arrival of spring the time has come for this rich vegetable to pass from the field to the table.


Juan Miguel is in charge of reviewing the best time to pick up the cucumber snack and that each of these vegetables, which have a size of between 8 and 10 centimeters and weigh between 45 and 55 grams, are at the optimum time for their consumption.


Healthy snacks have become fashionable and certainly a healthier option than a bag of chips or industrial biscuits. In Camposeven we bet on the snack cucumber for the antioxidant power that gives it its high content of vitamin A, its diuretic characteristics and its high rehydrating power. Above all, this makes the athletes take them regularly.


Juan Miguel tells us that also balances the PH of the body and provides the body with other essential nutrients for our diet such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, sodium and magnesium.


The cucumber snack is ideal to accompany it in salads or for example make a cucumber sandwich to give it to your children with a special touch and much more fun. You can split the cucumber into two slices and add a bit of cheese or a piece of ham or whatever you prefer and you will have a snack or a healthy snack in a minute.