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Our 8,000 m² facilities are equipped with the most advanced technologies for handling, processing and packing, ensuring the highest standards of quality and exquisitely appealing presentation for all of our products.

We have a 6,000 m² refrigerated processing centre for handling lines of pepper, watermelon, broccoli, celery, iceberg lettuce and endive.

In the field, we use handling lines for harvesting and direct processing of winter crops. The total cooling capacity is 14,000 m3.

Our crops are grown in 523 hectares of agricultural land in the countryside of Cartagena. Of these, 61 are in greenhouses producing 16,000 tonnes during the 2011 season.

Camposeven also has 300 hectares in Albacete (Pozohondo), of which 120 are dedicated to olives, producing more than 250,000 litres a year, and 180 to cereals and other crops.