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100% Healthy

We have over 40 years cultivating the best fruits and vegetables in a facilities always ready and with an experienced team of which we are proud.

We grow quality. Cultivate life.
And we do it well


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100% organical products

More than 40 years cultivating organically and taking our products to different European countries. For us, farming is not a fashion, is a reality.

We grow quality. Cultivate life.
And we do it well.


Refreshing melons and watermelons

Our exquisite fruit for the summer season is ready for tasting by the most exquisite palates. The summer heat begins and there is nothing better than to hydrate well taking fruit with a high water content such as galia melon (with 90%) and mini watermelon (93%).


An illusion for sustainable farming

We offer over 35 different organic products from fruit and vegetables produced on site. We have in mind the needs and suggestions of our customers.



The simplest recipes, nutritious and balanced for all the family.


Organic fruit and vegetables in season. Free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Seasonal products