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Maite is a faithful consumer of Greenvana baskets, brand of Camposeven. He tells us that Juan, his fourteen-year-old son, asked him the other day the curious question: Mama, how many lettuces can be planted on a soccer field?

The truth is that we have never planted iceberg lettuce on a football field at Camposeven and Freshvana, but we have calculated it taking into account that the size of a medium-sized playing field is half a hectare. And on one hectare can plant 70,000 lettuces, because there we have about 35,000 lettuces that could be ready to consume if we used a football field.

Precisely these days, our farmers are planting ecological and biodynamic iceberg lettuce on the farm La Peraleja, located in the Murcian village of Sucina. And we have learned that they are planting 170,000 lettuces that from next December will be ready to consume in homes throughout Spain and countries like Germany, France or England, where we usually get our exquisite products.

If you have any questions or curiosity that you want us to discover, you know that we will be happy to answer and unveil why our products are so rich.

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